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Fight mice and rats with Euthanox®

To stay healthy, our food must be well protected against pests such as mice and rats. Particularly during transport and processing of the basic products, many pests occur. You can think of foods such as wheat, corn, sunflower, soy, cocoa, spices, barley etc…

Due to the large supply of these foods in the halls, corrals and conveyor belts, fighting rats and mice is made more difficult. After all, there is an abundance of delicious food and the trained pest control professional must oppose this. Often that fails. In those cases, gassing with Euthanox® may be the solution.

Quickly filling a food hall with Euthanox® kills all mice and rats fast. This way, the nuisance caused by the vermin is solved quickly and effectively.


The product consists of carbon dioxide, which is used under strict requirements. Although Euthanox® consists of carbon dioxide, it can only be purchased and used through a selected authorization holder such as the TCC-group. As with all biocidal control activities, Euthanox® must also be applied under strict requirements. Deviations or illegal use of carbon dioxide are seen as an economic offense and severely punished.

How does gassing with carbon dioxide work?

The guest team constructs the installation and closes the building as airthight as possible. A safety zone is set up around the building. After various safety checks, the building is filled with carbon dioxide. This is very fast; the vermin are stunned and killed within a few minutes. The gas creeps into all corners and holes such as pallets, big bags, facades, suspended ceilings and the like. After the gas has been in the building for a certain time, the building is degassed and gas-free. Immediately afterwards, everyone can safely enter the mouse-free building again.

Euthanox® consists of industrially extracted carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is released during certain production processes and is used for, among other things, soft drinks, product preservation and greenhouse horticulture. It is not toxic in low concentrations. You and I constantly exhale carbon dioxide as a “waste product” of our physical exertion.

Euthanox® is of food grade quality, therefore safe for food.

Poison prohibited

The government has decided to no longer allow poison (biocides) for mice and rats. In 2017 this is already prohibited for outdoor use and from 2023 there will be no more poison to be sold to private individuals. Pest control companies will only be allowed to apply mouse poison or rat poison under very strict conditions. At the moment (2019) there is already a strong increase in reports of rats in the outlying area but also in the city. The pest control industry expects more nuisance from mice and rats in the future and the associated risks such as food contamination and health problems.

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