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TCC-group provides a complete service package and the best equipment to clear animals in the event of a crisis or incident. All equipment has been developed in the Netherlands, including in collaboration with Wageningen University and universities in Europe. The best researchers from the Netherlands and Europe helped to develop. The agricultural sector in the Netherlands is a global leader. Not only in production and animal welfare but also in animal disease control through the TCC-group and its partners!

The Netherlands is a global leader in developing services and products to tackle animal diseases such as avian flu and swine fever efficiently and in an animal-friendly manner. Sick animals do not have to suffer unnecessarily and the infection must be stopped as soon as possible.

What does the TCC-group deliver?

Advice – to government and agricultural owners
Training – of staff
Euthanizing – of livestock such as poultry, pigs, cattle
Pest control – large-scale control of mice and rats in buildings
Research (R&D) – together with Universities in the Netherlands and abroad
Production – of euthanase equipment
Sale – of euthanasia equipment including on-site training
Contract – in Europe within 24 hours on location.
Bird flu – Swine fever – Foot-and-mouth disease – African swine fever

Full service

We execute the killing of infected herds in an extremely professional and efficient manner. We supply the equipment, the catching teams, gas, gas team, clothing, decontamination units, decontamination, catering and much more.

Our team and equipment

The TCC Group is available 24/7 and has a compact First Responder team. That means that in a very short time frame, usually within 24 hours, a complete team can be on location to start a culling. In addition, we can quickly scale up to a regional crisis team with multiple teams on different farms in action. This can be in 1 country or in several countries at the same time.

All our equipment is systematically assembled in shipping containers. The First Responder team can also be quickly on site with smaller transport or visit places that are difficult to reach. Thanks to this system, our equipment can be transported and dropped off quickly. This makes our transport system flexible within a crisis area.

Depending on the assignment, we make a choice from the following systems:

  • Mobile offices with lighting, office design etc ..
  • Decontamination units with shower, office, storage of protective clothing, drinks, food etc…
  • Support units with disinfection material, pressure washers, pumps, spare parts, tools, lighting etc…
  • Aggregates for independent power supply
  • Support units with spare clothing, disinfection material, toiletries, boots etc…
  • And of course 1 or more euthanization units as required as you can read on our machines page

Individual services and products

In addition to our full service, we also supply the individual parts: equipment, training, advice, gas team and gas. You can then decide for yourself what you do in the cull and what part you leave to specialist TCC-group.

Not a customer? No problem: we can be of service quickly so that the disease is under control as quickly as possible. In Europe but also worldwide.

TCC-group states that an outbreak of an animal disease must be brought under control quickly, effectively and in an animal-friendly manner. This prevents spreading among people. Non-infected livestock can be saved. Farmers are protected from destroying their source of income.

Fipronil, dioxin, genetic errors…

In the event that a herd comes into contact with toxic substances such as fipronil, dioxin or asbestos, the veterinary may decide to have the animals cleared away. In this way it is possible to prevent these toxic substances from entering the human or animal food chain.

A genetic error can also occur during the breeding of animals. This is often a reason for the livestock producer to have the animals cleared away.

Barn fires or other accidents

Sometimes a fire starts in a corral with cattle. Often all animals die from smoke or fire. Sometimes a part of the herd is spared, but the animals have been in contact with the fire or the smoke. They suffer pain or are contaminated with toxins. Immediately after the emergency services such as the fire brigade, the TCC-group can take action to clear up the affected animals. This prevents further suffering from, for example, chickens or pigs.

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