A decade of culling experience

The TCC-group has nearly a decade worth of animal culling experience. Over the years, we’ve proven our resilience in the most demanding crises.

During the bird-flu outbreak of 2003 in Belgium and The Netherlands, we deployed people and material on a large scale, to prevent further spread of the disease in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Having manifested our professionalism during the crisis of 2003, the TCC-group was called upon again in 2006 – this time in relation to an outbreak of bird-flu on the island of Rugen in North Germany. We supplied all of the required clothing (15,000 sets of overalls, gloves, boots, etc.). And we were also responsible for culling all of the livestock. Our work there landed us in standby contracts with several federal states in Germany.

In 2007, we were called upon by the federal state of Bayern, to cull 250,000 ducks infected with the extremely dangerous H5N1 virus. Although we did not have a standby contract there at the time, we still managed to complete our activities within 44 hours of the instruction, without losing the focus on animal welfare – to the great satisfaction of our client, who made up a standby contract immediately.

Nowadays, TCC-group has standby contracts with The Netherlands, Belgium, three Bundeslandern and several private poultry keepers, and we are still gaining grounds. The more standby contracts, the better our ability to move swiftly and the larger the scale we can work on. As the European market leader, we get the job done in the most efficient and animal-friendly way. 

For prevention of animal diseases we use detailed protocalls.