pest control

The control of pests (mice, rats, cockroaches, etc.) asks for a thorough approach. Hygiene is an absolute must, especially near food products. Yet it’s often tough to fight plagues in buildings.

We’ve found a great solution; we gas the entire building with CO2 gas. Because the TCC-group is on standby for several governments in fighting bird-flu, we have the means to fill an entire building with gas. After the building is treated, practically all the rodents (or other pests) within the building are killed. Not only office buildings can be  gassed, but also ships, hangars, houses, airplanes, etc. For permanent monitoring pest control of rodents or other animals, it’s possible to make up a contract.

Would you like to ask the TCC-group for a non-binding offer? Please contact us through the contact form or call us. We’re available twenty-four seven at +31 (0)411-650639.

pest control with CO2 gas