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Culling after fire

culling 30.000 young layer hens after fire

The TCC-group culled 30.000 young layer hens after an fire in a barn nearby the village of Groesbeek in the Netherlands.  The farm was keeping 63.000 layer hens in two barns. One barn got three days a go on fire which cost the life’s of 5000 hens, the remaining layer hens had inhaled the smoke. This hens had dioxin in their blood and could not be used for further egg laying production and had to be killed. The owner of this company called us for help. We used the so called Whole House Gassing method (WHG). There where two barns connected which each other there for it was an challenge to cull one and saving the other hens in de second barn. Inclusive taping and preparation it took us 3 hours and the action was completed. The whole action was under surveillance of the Dutch NVWA and AID. After the job was completed both inspectors said that the action was done very good. They praised us for our know how, security measures, and carefully operations especially the way we handled animal welfare. The complete operation was much faster than the social accepted  parameters of the WHG process.