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TCC-group culls 36,000 broilers

At a breeding business near Coevorden, livestock consisting of 36,000 parent animals were culled. These animals had a Salmonella infection. Our client chose TCC-group BV because we were able to kill the animals in the most animal-friendly way possible in the short term. Although alternatives had been considered, it was impossible to avoid killing these animals because of the nature of the infection. The slaughtering of livestock can be very emotional for the people involved in their care and, because of this, the livestock manager was not present.

The TCC-group slaughtered the animals in question by gassing them in their pens. This method is a new way of gassing animals and involves filling a pen with gas. A high concentration of CO2 is achieved in the pen in a very short period of time by increasing pressure until a higher pressure is achieved, which means that the animals suffer less. In the future, we may opt to use the higher pressure method more often, as the results achieved through this form of gassing exceeded expectations. 

More information: GD Deventer.