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Oktober 2018 2018-10-01 01-10-2018

African Swine fever

The serious viral African Swine Fever AFS is introduced in Belgium with the ilness of wild boars in the province Luxemburg.

November 2017 2017-11-01 01-11-2017

Firponil scandal

Culling birds with Fipronil

Juni 2017 2017-06-15 15-06-2017

Bird flu in Belgium

Bird flu outbreak in Belgium

Februari 2017 2017-02-18 18-02-2017

Combatting H5N8 in Germany and France

Over the last three months the TCC-group culled in total 12 farms, in multiple areas in Germany and France, that were tested positive with HPAI H5N8.

September 2016 2016-09-29 29-09-2016

Bird flu outbreak simulation in Westerhausen


The TCC-group held together with LKV-Agro-Tier-Service GmbH a major exercise in Westerhausen Germany

Maart 2015 2015-03-28 28-03-2015

Truck accident in Kreis Borken

The TCC group has been called for of assistance in a truck accident in Vreden (district of Borken), Germany. A truck loaded with broilers on his way to the slaughterhouse drove off the road and more than half of the broilers died.

1500 > broilers were still alive alive some of them hurt and they where stuck in their cages. The cages where impossible to remove out of the truck. To minimize  the suffering of these chicken they has to be killed on site in the truck. The TCC-group arrived within 4 hours from Amsterdam on the spot and killed within 2 hours the chickens with the help of the introduction of CO2 gas in the taped truck. The responsible veterinarian was satisfied with our efforts and the result of the quick response.;art969,2665662

Augustus 2014 2014-08-19 19-08-2014

New Stand-by contract

TCC-group has acquired several new stand-by contracts.

Februari 2014 2014-02-04 04-02-2014

New NOFF system patented


The pig culling machine "NOFF"has been certified and patented

Oktober 2013 2013-10-03 03-10-2013

TCC-group certified ISO 9001:2008

November 2012 2012-11-14 14-11-2012

TCC-group is getting ready for EU 1099/2009

TCC- group is getting ready for the new EU legislation and takes a stap forward.

EU 1099-2009 regulation

November 2012 2012-11-01 01-11-2012

Salmonella flocks cleared

TCC-group clears two flocks infected with Salmonella

September 2012 2012-09-13 13-09-2012

Culling after fire

culling 30.000 young layer hens after fire

Oktober 2011 2011-10-22 22-10-2011

Rapid culling action

Rapid action for the culling of layer hens involved in a motorway accident.

Juni 2011 2011-06-27 27-06-2011

Second farm in Creil

A second farm with almost 6000 Turkey's was culled by us.

Juni 2011 2011-06-24 24-06-2011

Bird flu outbreak hits Dutch and German chicken farms

In the Kreis Gutersloh and the village Creil at the same time there was an outbreak of Low pathogen bird flu

Mei 2011 2011-05-31 31-05-2011

Action in Gutersloh Germany

TCC- Group in action in Guterloh Germany for the fighting against bird flu H7N7.

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Mei 2011 2011-05-31 31-05-2011

action in Gutersloh Germany

TCC- Group in action in Guterloh Germany for the fighting against bird flu H7N7.

Mei 2011 2011-05-13 13-05-2011

Bird flu in Kootwijkerbroek The Netherlands

An Avian Influenza outbreak has been diagnosed on an organic poultry farm near the village of Kootwijkerbroek in the Netherlands.

Maart 2011 2011-03-25 25-03-2011

TCC-group culls 127.500 layer hens

KAPELLE, NETHERLANDS, A strain of bird flu H7N? was found at a poultry company in southwestern the Netherlands on Friday, The Dutch government ordered the TCC-group to cull a quickly as possible this herd. Within 11 hours all six stables with animals where killed by the us of stable gassing.

November 2010 2010-11-23 23-11-2010

TCC culls 19.200 mother layerhens by stable gassing

In the evening of the 22th we have culled 19.200 9 weeks old mother layerhens. It took us inclusive loading on the truck of the rendering company 5 hours. We invited quests from Germany who wanted to see the complete way of how we do this kind of works. Afterwards they complimented us and say that we did the job " Hoch Professional" We thank the farmer for his hospitality and the good cooperation with him and his family

Augustus 2010 2010-08-06 06-08-2010

TCC-group culls 36,000 broilers

At a breeding business near Coevorden, livestock consisting of 36,000 parent animals were culled. These animals had a Salmonella infection. Our client chose TCC-group BV because we were able to kill the animals in the most animal-friendly way possible in the short term. Although alternatives had been considered, it was impossible to avoid killing these animals because of the nature of the infection. The slaughtering of livestock can be very emotional for the people involved in their care and, because of this, the livestock manager was not present.

Juli 2010 2010-07-30 30-07-2010

56,000 hens with H6N1 culled

The H6N1 low pathogenic virus was discovered in two laying-hen flocks in the north-west of Friesland after the number of eggs being laid by these birds had fallen considerably. After much deliberation and intensive observation over a number of weeks, it was decided that it was necessary to kill the birds. The situation - being the virtual stagnation of laying production, as well as the laying of large quantities of wind eggs and the problems ensuing from this – led to the very reluctant decision to kill the birds earlier than planned. H6N1 is infectious and can be transmitted through contact. Eventually, the birds were culled in their pens using gas within six hours of the time at which the TCC-group was instructed to proceed.

Mei 2010 2010-05-10 10-05-2010

The TCC-group has extended his activity’s toward the killing of rodents

With stand-by contracts for several governments we have a big supply of stable gassing units. This equipment makes its possible to gas with CO2 huge warehouses stocked with peanuts, herbs, coffee, cacao and/or all kind of different products witch attracts rodents. 

April 2010 2010-04-10 10-04-2010

Training TCC-group in Laer (D)

In Laer in Germany, the TCC-group carried out a large-scale exercise in relation to a situation involving an outbreak of bird flu. Approximately 30 people were trained in two days, in empty pens that are due to be converted from battery cage areas into pens in which hens are allowed to roam freely. The second day was used to demonstrate the equipment and working method to the various districts of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with which the TCC-group has entered into a stand-by contract.


Mei 2009 2009-05-10 10-05-2009

First spent-laying-hens killed in Switzerland

At a laying-hen business in Switzerland, laying-hens have been killed at a farm for the first time.
Normally, birds are caught and transported to an abattoir in crates.

September 2007 2007-09-08 08-09-2007

TCC-group kills 230,000 ducks with H5N1

At 12.16 on Saturday 8 September 2007, the TCC-group was instructed to kill duck stocks in the federal state of Bavaria in Southern Germany. At 08.00 hours on Sunday, the TCC-group was on-site, bringing in 100 people to carry out the kill.

April 2006 2006-04-25 25-04-2006


In close cooperation with Air Liquide we are offering you stable gassing for a fixed price.
During the pest outbreak in the Netherlands this company worked close together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality to control the outbreak with the highly effective Modified Atmosphere technique. The TCC-group supplied all the clothing used by the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at their collecting activity’s of the cadavers. It was delivered within 24 hours which proves we are a reliable and trustful company.

April 2006 2006-04-06 06-04-2006

Practice makes perfect

On Thursday, April 6th, 2006 the TCC-group organised a major prevention exercise in the community of Erp.