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Killing livestock with a life-threatening contamination isn’t an easy task. Protecting healthy people and animals can simply not be done without the use of tried and accurate techniques, to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. The animals are culled by professionals, trained to take animals out fast and painless.

The method used is fully endorsed by several leading institutions the OIE, BSI Schwartzenbek. Wageningen University / ASG lelystad and is in accordance with the strict European laws 1099-2009 for the killing of animals

The AED-line™ consists of AED-M1 , AED-RF2™ , AED6, AED-EL9 and AED-SV

for all kind of poultry

for all kind of poultry
for all kind of poultry
for male one day old chicken


AED RF5 Turkeys + all kind


AED CSG all kind of poultry

Respect for animal welfare is extremely important, if the poultry-industry wants to show its respect for public opinion. When killing animals is part of the process, consumers expect it to be done in the best possible way, without unnecessary suffering, pain or stress.

The AED-line has proven that its machines are capable of killing male, sick or deformed day-old chicks and similar animals in the most animal friendly way possible. The AED-line is the first machine series to work completely according to the European rules for animal killing.

First numbed, then killed
The chicks first get numbed before they’re killed, without any pain or unnecessary stress. This method of killing is proven to be the most animal-friendly way of killing one-day chicks.


Tests in laboratories show that there is no chemical reaction taking place in the brains of the killed animals. This means no stress hormones are produced during the anesthetic phase. These hormones are indicated, when the one-day chicks are killed the customary way: by slowly delivering CO2 gas and killing the animals through suffocation. With the AED-line, the animals are put in a space filled with at least 80% CO2- or Argongas, which brings them into a numbing stage, immediately followed by death. The machines are built to inevitably kill all animals in the process; there is no possibility for animals escaping or entering once the process is started.

Moreover, since animals still look neat and unharmed after being culled, it’s possible to use them as fodder for birds of prey, snakes, lizards and other pets. Many animal parks use these animals, because they represent an important nutrient with low fat and rich in proteins and vitamins.

Design protection

The entire AED-line is protected through the copyright and model rights according to international law. The AED-line is patented according to international standards.

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