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Training TCC-group in Laer (D)

In Laer in Germany, the TCC-group carried out a large-scale exercise in relation to a situation involving an outbreak of bird flu. Approximately 30 people were trained in two days, in empty pens that are due to be converted from battery cage areas into pens in which hens are allowed to roam freely. The second day was used to demonstrate the equipment and working method to the various districts of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with which the TCC-group has entered into a stand-by contract.


Riesige Stalle ohne Tiere, das ist einem Geflugelgrossbetrieb eine Seuche ausbricht. Gestern war es so weit. Die, die europaweit als einzigeFall effektiv und vor allem schnell helfen konnen, kommen aus Amsterdam. TCC so kurzt Ruud Laarman seine Firma ab, steht fur Total Culling Concept.

see video http://www.ophetland.tv/11786062