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Combatting H5N8 in Germany and France

Over the last three months the TCC-group culled in total 12 farms, in multiple areas in Germany and France, that were tested positive with HPAI H5N8.

Due to the large number of birdflu outbreakes the TCC-group was very busy over the last three months. We have been culling animals all over Germany and France. In total we have been culling around 500.000 animals separated over 12 farms with a total of 36 stables. The animals differed between geese, chicken, turkeys and ducks. Most of the areas in which we culled animals had a contract with the TCC-group, however we also worked in Bayern (Germany) and Le Lande (France) since the authorities asked us for help in assisting combatting the virus. Furthermore, we were able to work on multiple sites at the same time since we have several sets of equipment and multiple teams. In France we used the stable gassing technique (AED-SV system). The French authorities were impressed by the speed and capacity of the culling. After we received the order in Amsterdam, 1.280 km away from the farm, we started in less than 24 hours with the culling at the location in France. The culling itself was very successful, we did in total 80.000 animals divided over 6 stables in 6 hours.