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Action in Gutersloh Germany

TCC- Group in action in Guterloh Germany for the fighting against bird flu H7N7.

On Saturday 28th of May 2011, the TCC-group got the order to move to Gütersloh. At Saturday evening we established a logistic centre near Rietberg. At Sunday the final order came to kill when the suspicions were confirmed on the disease in a turkey plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. According to the district of Gütersloh 6000 animals where killed immediately by the use of CO2 stable gassing. Directly after the killing of the turkey’s we went to the next farm with about 26.000 animals ducks, geese, quails, layer hens etc. This killing ended at Monday at 10.00 am. After this the TCC-group killed another farm in with 10.000 layer hens and after this an other farm with 12.00 layer hens. After the next 2 days we culled 12.00 layer hens in the district of Paderborn. Our last action was the killing of about 7000 ducks, geese quails, perlchicken, one day old chicken and layer hens and several different piece of poultry.  In the district of Gütersloh, the investigation is ongoing for the surge of more infected flocks. It is however not the dangerous pathogenic H5N1 type, which had five years ago serious diseases of people. The action of the TCC-group was ended at 17 th of june 2011 and we moved to our standby fase "0" in Amsterdam. From here we want to thank the members of the THW for there nice helping out and catering.