The TCC group has many years of experience in the slaughtering process for poultry stock. No other company in the world has been so intensively involved in numerous different outbreaks, in preparatory activities and in the setting up of response plans.

Our company consists of two parts. The first part of the company focuses on activities relating to the slaughter of poultry and on doing the work necessary to stop the outbreak in question. This involves supplying staff, equipment, logistics and anything else required. A large quantity of machines and resources are on standby in Amsterdam for use in these situations.

It is this exceptional position and the huge knowledge that we have on the implementation of culling work and the ability to cull quickly and efficiently that enables us to give shape to the second part of our company.

The second part of our company focuses on providing information, developing control plans and equipping authorities or other bodies responsible for culling work. We do this on the basis of our experience and are happy to share this with organisations that have some or no experience of combating bird flu.

You can hire us to instruct or set up a taskforce to combat bird flu. From one country to another, we always consider the equipment and resources available, such as CO2 gas or other control preparations. We do not want you, the client, to find yourself bogged down in discussions or expensive planning procedures. Our focus is on the result. We are real go-getters and want to provide you with an effective plan and leave you fully prepared to cope with a breakout of an infectious disease in poultry.

Our experts are at your disposal and we are only too pleased to visit you to discuss the possibilities of knowledge exchange in a preliminary meeting.

To arrange a meeting, please call us on the telephone number above or send an e-mail to