We advise all kinds of businesses, companies, local authorities/governments and private individuals about biosecure measures making it possible to avoid contamination with an animal disease. We work with the client to look at the preparations put in place. Where business and companies are concerned, we can give advice relating to the construction of new buildings or the modification of current buildings in order to achieve better resistance to bacterial or viral infections.

When working with local authorities/governments, we look at what has been done, what it is possible to do and what needs to be done to protect businesses and companies, particularly those in the poultry-farming industry, from animal diseases. Once an inventory has been produced, a plan can be produced, where necessary. Besides this, it will also be possible to develop and build culling equipment in collaboration with the local business sector. 

The TCC-group has worked with the WUR (University & Research Centre) to set up a training programme to train European veterinary staff to deal with contaminated businesses, empty contaminated businesses and process carcasses. The training course also covers every other aspect of culling activities. Experience has shown that where local authorities/governments are well prepared, the money that they have spent on preparation reaps dividends if an animal disease emerges. Where there is an outbreak in this situation, there is no panic and no emergency resources are used to combat the disease, but the response is calm and thorough, which means that costs can be kept to a minimum. Contracts have already been entered into with gas suppliers, the suppliers of pesticides; clothing and equipment are in stock and are available for immediate use. Added to this, and most importantly of all, the people responsible for the culling are all trained. This ensures that any suffering