Research & Development

Research & Development

Recent bird flu outbreaks have taught the TCC-group the great importance of destroying sick animals quickly and precisely. It has been found that a slow start to culling activities, focusing solely on livestock that are ill, will lead to a bigger outbreak. Because of this, it will be impossible to avoid the slaughter of animals during an outbreak of Avian Influenza (bird flu).

The TCC-group has prepared itself for the possible arrival of bird flu in Europe. By entering into stand-by contracts with various local authorities/governments, the TCC-group has been able to invest in the development of specialist equipment. As a result, the TCC-group has large quantities of the material and resources necessary to combat an outbreak.

Each year, the TCC-group spends 35% of its revenue on research and on the development of new methods. It has set itself the goal of developing a new method for culling animals every year, with an emphasis on the achievement of improvements in animal welfare. All new methods developed are subjected to extensive research before being tested and will not be introduced without it. The ultimate decision on whether or not a new method is an improvement is made in collaboration with all kinds of organisations.

Because of this strategy, the TCC-group is the only organisation in Europe that is always able to offer the latest, most modern and most animal-friendly methods

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